At TN HOCKEY CO. we are committed to more than creating stylish hockey apparel and decor. The goal of TN HOCKEY CO. is to inspire the growth of the game. When we started this, we had a goal of donating enough money to build another ice surface in the South East United States; that vision hasn’t changed! We allocate a portion of every sale for that very purpose. Along with other initiatives, TN HOCKEY CO. was created to make a difference in the lives of hockey enthusiasts everywhere! Every time you make a purchase with TN HOCKEY CO. you are contributing to the growth of the game in non-traditional markets, not just our business!

Furthermore, we donate a portion of our profits to our in-state minor hockey programs for extra ice time, coaching improvements, skill development camps, scholarships and more! If you are looking for sponsorship assistance, please do not hesitate to email me personally at and I will review your request as soon as I can! Preference is given to minor hockey organizations and other youth initiatives that promote healthy living and leadership skills!