About us

We started TN HOCKEY CO. because we wanted to add a new element to the hockey apparel industry; a subtle, retro and vintage feel that hockey lovers could wear anywhere, not just to the rink. You will notice that the majority of our apparel and decor has a distinct look that is inspired by traditional Tennessee, our home.

With our trademarked, adult hockey brands, JACK DANGLES HOCKEY AND SINBIN SALOON, we wanted to change the game. We wanted to do more than just create a t-shirt here and there with a funny saying/picture. So, we’ve taken it to the next level. Our adult hockey brands are are a fun way to embrace hockey and getting a little rowdy from time to time! We have a variety of products that you can wear, or display in your home. The best part about these two collections is that they are stylish, and the hockey reference is subtle, not obnoxious.

Here’s a little story on how we started… The first time I wore my SINBIN SALOON CREST 3/4 TEE, I was at a local dive bar to watch the game. I happened to be sitting near the bathroom, and almost every person that walked by asked me where I bought the shirt I was wearing…..not one of them was a hockey fan! When I went on to explain what it meant, we all had a chuckle and went on our way! And that’s what we wanted out of these brands; to get noticed for the style of shirt/hat and get the conversation started!

We hope we can add to your love of the game in a fun and stylish way! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new products, contests and our community initiatives.

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